The Sorbian Man Choir DELANY

The choir was established in 1971, in Konjecy/Cunnewitz, Lusatia. Its first conductor was Alfons Hrjehor from Cunnewitz and although the choir started out modestly with just a small number of members, it soon grew in both size and popularity. From the beginning, these talented artists sang their way into the hearts of the people, first through a series of local concerts followed by numerous engagements throughout Europe.  
On the occasion of its 10th anniversary the group adopted the name “Serbski muski chór DELANY” /”Delany Sorbian Men’s Choir”. They performed concerts in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. In 1985, partnerships were established with choirs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Immediately after the period of political change, contacts were established with singing associations in the old Lands of the Federal Republic.
In 1990 Pawoł Šołta Kulowski assumed the responsibility of artistic director. From 2006 to 2009 was Wolfgang Frister the artistic director and since 2009 leads the Man Choir Michael Janze.Actuely is the artistic director of the Sorbian Man Choir Andreas Hentzschel.
The choirs’ extensive repertoire includes a wide range of Sorbian and German folk songs; compositions from the Oratorium by Handrij Zejler and Korla – Awgust Kocor, sacral music and much more.
At present the choir has 35 active members aged 26 to 83 years old who come from 14 different municipalities.   The group has won numerous awards including the Ćišinski prize in 1984 and in 1989 the prize for art from Domowina - Union of the Lusatian Sorbs. In 2005 they present her first CD.